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If you're interested in retailing biodiesel in our area (we're in Durham, North Carolina), we can help you set up fuel tanks, deliver fuel to you, and even help you work through the first stages of starting a biofuels co-op.

We also deliver filtered waste vegetable oil for SVO (straight vegetable oil) uses or "backyard" biodiesel processors.

Fuel Delivery

Our 2,500-gallon tanker delivers ASTM Certified "Transportation Grade" 99.9% biodiesel fuel to tanks throughout the North Carolina Triangle area (we mix in .1% petroleum diesel for tax purposes).

Please call us for fuel and delivery costs, as the costs will depend on your location, the quantity of fuel you're buying, supply costs, and other variables.

delivery fee: $45 minimum charge, or $.07 per gallon, whichever is higher.

No delivery charge if the purchaser picks up the fuel or if the tank is part of the Triangle Tank Trail delivery system.

monthly billing: Our monthly billing fee of $25 (to cover billing overhead) can be waived if you provide credit card information so we can bill you automatically. References are required for monthly billing.

other terms Net 10 terms. Delivery contracts are for six months or one year. Contracts can be terminated with 30 days' notice.

An example contract is on this site.

Fuel Tank Sales and Leasing

We sell, lease, and lease to own the following fuel tank sizes.

size (gallons) purchase price lease / month 2-year lease to own / month
300 $1700 $34 $78
500 (48x66") $2,200 $42 $100
1,000 $2,700 $52 $170
2,000 $3,700 $71 $170
5,000 $6,200 $118 $285
10,000 $14,000 $268 $642

All tanks come outfitted with a pump and meter. Power supply options for the pump are 110V electric connection or solar panel and marine battery.)

Leasing The tank, pump, power supply, and other provided equipment remains the property of Carolina Biodiesel and will be removed at end of lease. Tank leasing includes full maintenance and service of the tank.

Lease to own In lease to own contracts, fuel tanks and equipment become the property of the lessee at the end of the lease term.

Deposit A fully refundable deposit equal to 10% of equipment value is required at the time of contract signing.

Triangle Tank Trail Membership

If your tank will be in the North Carolina Triangle area and will be used for B100 (pure biodiesel), consider becoming part of the Triangle Tank Trail.

Your tank's users will have to be members of Piedmont Biofuels Cooperative. For that, they'll pay $50/year and have access to all tanks in the Tank Trail.

All Co-op members will, in turn, have access to your tank, and you'll have all of them as potential customers.

Tank members may be charged a nominal fee in the future, and there may also be annual meetings. For more information, contact us or visit Piedmont Biofuels' web site.

Starting a Co-op

If you're considering starting a biodiesel co-op in North Carolina, please give us a call or send an e-mail. We'd love to talk to you. In the meantime, we offer our basic how to start a co-op document.

One final note: Piedmont Biofuels, CleanCities, the National Biodiesel Board, and several other web sites all maintain tank listings, maps, and directions. You may wish to consider having your tank listed in these directories.