A Cleaner Fuel, for a Brighter Future!

About Us


who we are

We're a biodiesel distributor that grew out of an environmental organization. Our businesses currently include fuel distribution and green transportation (car, bus, and limousine rental).

Southern Durham, North Carolina, is our home base and an ideal location for us for a number of reasons: we have access to the right kinds of infrastructure, equipment, transportation, feedstocks (source oils), and markets.

Carolina Biodiesel was founded in June, 2004 as a non-profit. In 2006 we converted to a limited liability company (LLC) to allow outside investment. For investing information, e-mail info@carolinabiodiesel.org


Here's our plan so far:

We plan to grow in three phases. In phase 1 we'll explore both sources of fuel feedstocks (waste vegetable oil, agricultural oil products) and potential fuel markets. While we do this, we'll perfect our processing, production, and other logistics. We'll also discover and network with local organizations that share our interests

In phase 2 we'll build a distribution system for storage and distribution of biodiesel. During this period, we will purchase the biodiesel we sell from existing producers. Our evolving distribution system will help us grow a customer base while our plant (phase 3) is constructed.

During phase 3, our own biodiesel plant will be constructed. We'll use a turn-key system and experienced contractors, to lower overhead and reduce cost and risk. We plan to be able to process one million gallons of biodiesel per year using multiple feedstocks.

Dewatering Facility We're working with restaurant waste haulers to develop a brown/trap grease dewatering facility. Waste from this facility will help power a co-generation boiler to run our biodiesel plant.

Restaurant waste can also be combined with glycerine (a biodiesel byproduct) to produce high-quality compost, which we can resell to landscapers. We can also put the cleaned waste water back into our local watershed.

These components are part of an eco-park concept: multiple businesses working collectively in sustainable energy enterprises.


The Forest Foundation purchased Carolina Biodiesel from the Human Kindness Foundation in August, 2005.

Some years ago, the Human Kindness Foundation acquired a 10,000 sq. ft factory in northwest Orange County, NC, partly by donation of its former owner and partly paid for with small legacy left to them by Fred Rogers (yes, that Fred Rogers). The foundation planned to used the space for a biodiesel refinery which would employ ex-cons as a way to help them move back into mainstream society. This Independent Weekly article gives more detail about the foundation and the biodiesel project.

When the foundation's mission changed, they sold the Carolina Biodiesel business to us. This did not include the factory building or grounds, but did include our tanker truck as well as the name and the carolinabiodiesel.org domain name.

We've also adopted the name Carolina Biofuels to reflect a broader mission of fostering the use of sustainable energy in general.