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If you have a diesel car or other vehicle, it can run on biodiesel. But there are sound reasons to do a minor "conversion" on a vehicle:

Some older vehicles have rubber hoses and belts which are degraded by biodiesel. Those vehicles can be converted to run safely on biodiesel. The low-sulfur petroleum diesel which is becoming the new standard also dissolves rubber, so newer diesel vehicles are being made with non-rubber hoses.

When a vehicle is first switched to biodiesel, the fuel filter may become clogged. This is because biodiesel acts as a solvent and will actually clean the engine. The simple solution is to change the filter after about 100 gallons. Pre-filters can also help.

In very cold weather, 100% biodiesel can gel (solidify). There are several possible solutions for this: using anti-gel fuel additives, adding tank warming elements to the car, or using a mixture of diesel/biodiesel in colder weather (usually B20). It should be noted that in extremely cold weather, pure petroleum diesel can also gel.

Use of biodiesel does not void a vehicle's warranty; this is prohibited by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Manufacturers may recommend certain percentage blends of biodiesel, but they cannot invalidate the entire warranty if you use biodiesel.

Carolina Biodiesel can help convert your vehicle or find a new or used vehicle that's ready to run on biodiesel.

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