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Nice Notes


Mark and MK,

We appreciate all the help. I already feel better knowing we are making a small difference. If everyone would do a little, we could get a lot done.

As Internet fate would have it I was fortunate to be directed to your web site. I was looking for someone that I could purchase Biodiesel from that was knowledgeable about the product and committed to doing what's right.

My first call to a "supplier" did not go well. I was quoted a price more than double the cost of Carolina Biodiesel's for the tank for starters.

Worse than that, the owner of the company could not tell me one benefit of using biodiesel.

I quote his response, "I only sell the stuff because I can make money." I have no problem with making a living, but we all should have some stake in what we buy and sell for a living. I appreciate the service and the new friendships formed from partnering with Carolina Biodeisel. Thank you for caring.

Sincerely, Chad Ray
Olde Heritage Builders