A Cleaner Fuel, for a Brighter Future!

Donations and Conversions


Carolina Biodiesel purchases diesel vehicles, converts them to use 100% biodiesel or straight vegetable oil fuel, then resells or leases them.

Increasing the number of biodiesel-capable vehicles available will, we hope, increase the number of biofuel users in the area.

Revenues from these vehicles also supports environmental programs, including those of our partner The Forest Foundation. This program is the product of a collaboration among Durham Tech, The Forest Foundation, several local mechanics, and Carolina Biodiesel.

If you have a diesel vehicle you'd like to sell, you can contact us the usual ways.

Tax-deductible donations of biodiesel vehicles can be made to our non-profit partner, The Forest Foundation. This foundation's mission includes environmental education, forest protection, and green business.

Interested in buying a biodiesel vehicle? Contact us; if you're interested in a new biodiesel vehicle, please consider our vehicle finder service.