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This page is about where to purchase retail biodiesel fuel to put in individual vehicles -- that is, where to fill up your car or truck. Bulk and wholesale fuel information is on our distribution page.

Durham, NC: Bull City Biodiesel operates Durham's first pump for pure biodiesel. Visit their web site for directions, costs, and other details.

North Carolina Triangle: The B100 Tank Trail (B100 is 100% Biodiesel, not mixed with fossil-fuel diesel). Includes the Durham tank above, plus stations in Moncure, Pittsboro, Chapel Hill, and Hillsborough. Please visit the Piedmont Biofuels site for a clickable map and details about each site.

Other Triangle fueling stations may be found through the next section:

Across North Carolina: National Biodiesel Board NC Retail Fueling Sites - some of these entries look like duplicates, but it's a great starting point for finding your fueling station of choice.

United States: The National Biodiesel Board maintains a big list of retail fueling sites. Their sites page has a clickable map of the United States to make your search convenient. The map has dots representing individual fueling stations, but there may actually be fewer dots than stations, so don't be discouraged if you don't see as many dots as you'd hope.

International: The bottom of this Wikipedia article has a list of international biodiesel information.